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Hand-made cardboard models by Dan McPharlin. They are all so cool, wouldn’t you like to own them, so you could create a mini studio for your old G.I. Joes and Masters of the Universe figures to make some cool music?

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Micro Robots

SRI International have developed incredibly small and fast robots that are capable of following building instructions - video embedded below:

SRI is developing new technology to reliably control thousands of micro-robots for smart manufacturing of macro-scale products in compact, integrated systems.

sriinternational have a Tumblr blog here




Robotic recreation of the Kangaroo form put together by Festo to demonstrate energy-efficient movement (this was initially announced on April the 1st, but turns out to be real) - video embedded below:

With the BionicKangaroo, Festo has technologically reproduced the unique way a kangaroo moves. Like its natural model, it can recover the energy when jumping, store it and efficiently use it for the next jump.

On the artificial kangaroo, Festo intelligently combines pneumatic and electrical drive technology to produce a highly dynamic system. The stable jump kinematics plus the precise control technology ensure stability when jumping and landing. The consistent lightweight construction facilitates the unique jumping behaviour. The system is controlled by gestures.

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Yes, there has been a “cute manly stuff” pingpong on Imgur recently (& reddit if you are hardcore).

"This little guy is just too manly"

“Tiny bombs for the men of aww”

"Did someone say cute man things?"

“A Miniature Iron you say? I see things are heating up and raise you a manly miniature Bunsen burner.”

“I like to scare the shit out of my coworkers with my cute man thing.”

“Cute manly things? How about this adorable machine gun?”

“So I heard men are taking over r/aww today.”

“My man thing is cuter than yours.”

… and i stop here. tired.
Zero edge aquariums make aquarium with … zero edges. Like a block of water. Video here. Shop there.Relates to aquascaping.
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Zero edge aquariums make aquarium with … zero edges. Like a block of water. Video here. Shop there.
Relates to aquascaping.

Via Imgur.